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Autumn Enquiry

What unites us?


In Autumn Term in Year 1, we have a Geography focus in our Enquiry and writing lessons. The children learn about the United Kingdom and all of the countries that it is made up of. The children use this information to write a narrative (based on Coming to England by Floella Bejamin), a list poem about London, a non-chronological report about the UK and a letter to the King. 


Our History learning also links to our Enquiry as the children learn about Kings and Queens from the past, and our current King, while learning about England as a part of the UK. The children consider how these monarchs have had an influence on the UK and the world as a whole.


We use this information to consider how there are 4 countries that make up the UK, but we are still united as one. 




In Autumn Term in Year 1 in Science we learn all about the 4 seasons, the weather within them and how trees and plants are affected by the changing seasons. The children complete experiments while measuring the rainfall between Autumn and Winter, and they work scientifically by observing seasonal changes. 

What unites us?