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Please look at these posters below. These will be displayed in school too.

Forest Glade Primary School is currently closed to most pupils.


At this time, Government advice is still that the safest place for children is at home, and you should only send children into schools as a last resort.


The motivation behind these measures is to reduce the risk of the spread of infection and safeguard the public.

As we have come to see how schools can now operate, and following updated guidance, we wanted to remind you of which families can access a school place. This will be subject to change as schools can only stay open if they can balance sufficiently low numbers of children attending, (thereby keeping risk of infection to a minimum), and with a sufficiently high number of staff able to attend in order to comply with safeguarding guidelines.


You can apply for a school place if you cannot otherwise care for your children safely at home and meet the following criteria:


  1. Pupils where either parent is a critical worker in the frontline COVID-19 response e.g. NHS medical staff
  2. Schools places are also provided for those children allocated a social worker or Educational Health Care (EHC) Plan or within a vulnerable category.
  3. Children where both parents are keyworkers, or the child is of a single parent family of a keyworker as stated above.
  4. Children where one parent is a keyworker, and where the child cannot be safely cared for at home. This category may require further information being shared with the school regarding individual circumstances, all cases will be considered with care.