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Please look at these posters below. These will be displayed in school too.

School Re-opening - March 2021


Bringing and Collecting Children

Please be aware that staggered start and finish times will still be in place.  This is because the children will still be taught in whole class ‘bubbles’ and your children will not be able to mix with children who are not in their bubble. Currently, the only exception to this will be those children in breakfast club.  There will be staggered lessons, playtimes and lunchtimes.  Where possible, some activities will take place outside, but each group will not mix with children from other bubbles during these times.

Here is a reminder of the drop-off times, which are the same as the autumn term in most cases:


The first drop-off Point is at 8:40:

  • Year 2     8:40     Year 1/2 ramp
  • Year 3     8:40     Year 3/4 side gate
  • Year        8:40     Backdoor near the climbing frame


The second drop-off Point is at 8:55:

  • F2 (Reception)     8:55     Foundation Stage gate
  • Year 1                  8:55     Year 1/2 ramp
  • Year 4                  8:55     Year 3/4 side gate
  • Year 6                  8:55     Backdoor near the climbing frame


Please do not arrive early or late for the morning drop-off slots.


We are continuing to allow parents who drop off children in BOTH timeslots (e.g. one sibling at 8:40 and another sibling at 8:55) to wait on the playground between the two drop-off times:

  • When parents have dropped off a child/children at 8:40, if they have another child in either FS, Y1 or Y6, they can come straight onto/remain on the playground.
  • FS parents can line up in their usual place on the red lines near the community room, leading to the FS gate.
  • Y6 parents/children can line up in their usual place on the red lines beside the climbing frame.  Should any Y5 children arrive at this point, they will have to walk round the other side of the climbing frame and straight into school.
  • Y1 parents will have to wait with their children in the middle section of the green artificial grass, maintaining social distance from other adults (see diagram below).
  • These procedures only affect parents who are dropping off siblings at 8:40 and 8:55 and only if they have a child in FS, Y1 or Y6.

Please note - we are still asking all parents/carers to wear masks while dropping off and collecting children.  This will apply on the playground, on the courtyard at the nursery entrance and at the courtyard at the Y3/Y4 entrance.


The collection times for each class will be as follows:

  • F2 (Reception)            3:25     Foundation Stage gate
  • Year 1                         3:25     Year 1/2 ramp
  • Year 2                         3:10     Year 1/2 ramp
  • Year 3                         3:10     Year 3/4 side gate
  • Year 4                         3:25     Year 3/4 side gate
  • Year 5                         3:10     Backdoor near the climbing frame
  • Year 6                         3:25     Backdoor near the climbing frame


Only one adult is permitted to bring or collect their child, as this will minimise the number of people on the playground at the same time. If you have younger siblings we understand that they may need to accompany you to school, however please keep these close to you at all times.  The one-way system will still be in place on the playground.  For all classes, except years 3 & 4, please enter the site through the front gate on Mansfield Road and exit through the back gate. 



Nursery children will be dropped off and collected at the nursery entrance, as usual

Please note – the timings for Nursery remain the same as they have been throughout this term:

  • Morning Session: 08:15 – 11:10
  • Afternoon Session: 11:20 – 2:15
  • Full Time: 08:15 – 2:15


As nursery children are continuing to finish at 2:15pm, we appreciate that some parents will have a gap between collecting their nursery-aged children and then any other siblings.  We apologise for the inconvenience of this, but at the moment these timings are the only way we can ensure we have a paediatric first-aider on site at all times and that we can facilitate a safe departure for all the children at the end of the day.  Unfortunately, due to the current restrictions, those affected parents will not be permitted to wait onsite between collection times.  Thank you for your understanding and cooperation with this.


Unfortunately, teachers will not be available to answer any face to face queries at the start or the end of the day.  If you need to pass messages on to teachers, please contact them by phoning/emailing the school office.  The office will not be open for any face to face enquiries, but there will be a drop box in reception which you will be able to use for submitting queries to the office staff.


Collecting for Appointments

Where possible appointments should always be made outside of school time, however if you need to collect your child for an urgent appointment please contact school in advance to arrange collection of your child.  Parents/carers will not be allowed to wait in reception.  If you are collecting a child for a medical appointment, please be aware that they will not be able to return to school until the following day.


Uniform and PE Kits

Children are expected to be in their school uniform, as usual. 

We intend to deliver P.E. lessons as part of our school curriculum; however, it may not be practical for children to get changed in school. 

As before, nursery and F2 children will not require P.E. kits in school and will do physical activities in their uniforms.  We are requesting that parents send them into school with plimsolls to change into.   All other children (Y1, Y2, Y3, Y4, Y5 and Y6) will need to come into school wearing their P.E. kits on days when they have P.E. lessons, as they did in the autumn term.

Our school P.E. kit is navy blue shorts and a white T-shirt with either trainers or plimsolls. There is information about this on our website and there are sample pictures on the Big Fish Schoolwear website.  Please do not send the children in anything with big logos or designs – as plain as possible, please!  Likewise, plain black trainers would be preferred.


Breakfast Club and After-school Clubs

Unfortunately, we will not be running any after-school clubs at the moment.  There is a proposal to reopen breakfast club and you will receive a separate letter about this.  All the details about the breakfast club reopening are in that letter.


Bringing Items into School

Children will be able to bring their school reading books and their book bag (with their reading book and reading record in it) to school every day.  Please discourage your child from bringing anything else into school (e.g. toys, etc.).  Older children who walk home alone may need to bring a mobile phone for their safety.  These phones must be given to class teachers on arrival and collected at home time.  Children who are bring packed lunches need to bring their lunch in a plastic container.  No fabric lunch boxes, please.


COVID Symptoms

Our procedures regarding symptomatic children and staff remain in place.  If anyone in school becomes unwell with a new, continuous cough, a high temperature or a loss of, or change in, their normal sense of taste or smell (anosmia) they will be sent home and advised to follow the ‘staying at home’ guidance.  All the other children in their class bubble will also be sent home, unless the whole group can be safely isolated at school.  If any staff or children display symptoms we will advise them to be tested as soon as possible.  If we have any confirmed cases in school we will keep you informed.

We will be engaging fully with the NHS Test & Trace Programme.  If your child is displaying any systems you must:

  • Inform school
  • Book a test for them
  • Provide details to ‘test and trace’ of anyone you have been in close contact with
  • Ensure that they self-isolate


Also, if anybody in your household or bubble is awaiting a COVID test result, you must not send your child into school until a negative test result has been confirmed.


Catch It, Bin It, Kill It remains an important preventative approach as well as regular handwashing.  Please reinforce these practices with your child.


If we have any confirmed cases of COVID-19 in school we will continue to follow the same procedures which may result in bubble closures or some groups of children being sent home.  Should this occur, learning would revert to remote online learning delivered through Class Dojo.  Details of our remote learning offer are available on our school website at the following address:


Following the Guidance

As always, the procedures and measures that we have put in place are in line with government guidance and advice from the Flying High Trust.  When the guidance changes, we will adapt our procedures accordingly and let you know.  Please continue to follow the procedures we have put in place, as we move towards the easing of national lockdown measures.  Thank you, as always, for your continued cooperation and support in these challenging times.