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Our curriculum, underpinned by current research, ensures our children will be well-rounded individuals who are prepared for the next stage of their journey. It will promote the demonstration of compassion, mutual understanding, integrity and a pursuit of excellence in order for our children to reach their potential and make a positive contribution to the wider world. Our enquiry-based approach takes children on a journey of memorable learning through rich and purposeful experiences, culminating in authentic outcomes which leave a legacy.


Fluency in the core subjects, with reading at the heart, enables access to the full curriculum and is therefore integral to our approach. The curriculum is carefully designed through enquiry drivers, enhancers and discrete subjects, ensuring coverage, progression and retention of knowledge and skills.  Our knowledge-rich curriculum covers the National Curriculum and is also aspirational.  It aims to build the cultural-capital our children need to make aspirational choices about their own future, overcoming any barriers.


In order to achieve this our curriculum is underpinned by the following principles:


  • Memorable Learning - Our curriculum achieves the balance of breadth and depth based on authentic, challenging learning experiences which lead to memorable learning that children can recall.  It secures children with transferable knowledge they need for subsequent learning through the use of concepts and carefully crafted progression documents.
  • Provides Opportunities - Our children will be prepared for the next stage of their journey and be equipped to make choices about their future aspirations. Opportunities will be provided which enable them to move beyond their lived experiences, further developing their cultural capital.
  • Relevant and Current - Our children’s backgrounds and needs along with our current culture, climate and events determine the content of our curriculum.
  • Empowers Children - Our children will develop a rich vocabulary, a love of reading and engage with opportunities to be aspirational, reflect on their learning, take risks, be brave, ask questions, solve problems, evaluate, develop peer critique methods and take ownership of their learning to increase their cultural capital.
  • Promotes Character and Heart - Through the integral inclusion of SMSC, Trust and British Values, we relentlessly focus on developing individuals who are resilient; show compassion and integrity. Our children will strive for excellence in all that they do, make a positive contribution to and be for prepared for life in the modern world.


Each enquiry lasts roughly 10 weeks and are driven by a subject as outlined below:

Autumn: Explore (Geography)

Spring: Uncover (History)

Summer: Imagine (Art)


For further information about our enquiry learning please visit our class pages.