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In English this term, all of our writing will be linked to our Enquiry question, 'Is change always for the best?' which is centred around the Stone Age moving through to the Bronze and Iron Ages.


We will be writing a newspaper report about an artefact being found in the locality, a narrative based around a character description from our class book, The Wild Way Home, a diary entry from someone from the Stone Age and a balanced argument to answer our enquiry question.


How can I support my child in English?


In Year 3, it is necessary for children to write neatly. We will start to join our writing and work towards earning a pen license. Please encourage your child to remember this when completing any writing or home learning.


The children need to be able to spell a range of different words from our Year 3 word list and words containing the spelling rules that we learn. Look on our homework section of the class page for ways to support your child in their spelling.