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In English this term, all of our writing will be linked to our enquiry question: 'Can one person change the world?'. As part of this enquiry, children will understand that their actions can have an impact on the environment and they will explore different ways in which we can reduce the amount of plastic that goes into our oceans.


We will be writing a poem all about the devastating effects that plastic has on sea creatures, a non-chronological report about how we can recycle and reuse plastic to reduce plastic pollution, a persuasive letter to Smyths Toys Superstores to try and convince them to make toys from other materials such as wood instead of plastic and a narrative based on one of our class texts, 'Ducks Overboard!'.


How can I support my child in English?


In Year 2, children need to write sentences that are correctly punctuated with a capital letter and either a full stop, exclamation mark or question mark. If your child is completing any writing at home, keep reminding them to add these if they forget. It is also important for children to form all of their letters neatly and of the correct size and shape. We do lots of handwriting practice in school, but any extra practice they can do at home would be very beneficial.


The children also need to accurately spell all of the common exception words from the Year 1 and 2 National Curriculum spelling list. This list is available in the homework section.