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Healthy start scheme food & vitamin vouchers

Please read this information below as it may be of use to some people in our community:


In these difficult times, it’s important to make sure that people know that they may be eligible for food and vitamin vouchers through the national Healthy Start scheme.  The scheme is focused on pregnant women and families (with children under 4) on benefits and low incomes. Eligible women and families receive food vouchers worth £3.10 per week, and more when their child is under a year old. Eligible pregnant women and children are also entitled to free vitamins.


For more information about the scheme see


Application forms can be printed off from the site


Healthy Start application leaflets for the public incorporating a free return address can also be ordered by telephoning  0300 123 1002 and quoting the reference number for the leaflet (HS01a). . Leaflets are free including free delivery. You will simply need to provide a name and address for delivery and the name of your organisation.


An application form will be sent to any member of the public requesting one if they ring the Healthy Start helpline on 0345 607 6823.


The form does require the signature of a health professional, usually a midwife or a health visitor, before it is sent off. This will be a challenge in the current situation due to less and less face to face contact from health professionals and people being actively encouraged to stay away from health facilities. This issue is being raised nationally which hopefully will have an impact.