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Remote Learning Offer

Our remote learning offer is explained below.  Please expand to full screen to view.

The information above should tell you how we are intending to deliver remote learning while the school remains closed to most pupils.  We are continuing to refine our approach, responding to government guidance and advice from the Flying High Trust.  If we make any changes to our remote learning provision, we will explain them here.
Class Dojo

All of our work is currently being set and submitted using Class Dojo.

Every class has their own Dojo page and every child/parent has a login to access the learning.  Teachers can post messages to their class on their 'Class Story' and whole-school messages are posted on the main school page.  You can use the link below to access the Class Dojo website where you will be able to login.

Live Online Streaming


Our remote learning offer comprises a combination of the following approaches to teach pupils remotely:

  • pre-recorded teaching and video/audio recordings made by teachers
  • live teaching (online lessons)
  • commercially available websites (included pre-recorded videos from education websites) supporting the teaching of specific subjects or areas

We aim to use a blended approach, making use of all of these methods throughout the week. The weekly timetable will identify where teachers are utilising each of these approaches.


What is ‘live teaching (online lessons)’?

The online live lessons are different from the pre-recorded videos that the teachers are making and using.  In a live lesson, the teacher and the children all need to connect online at a pre-arranged time for an interactive online lesson.  All the children will be provided with login details to enable them to connect to the live session.  The teacher and the children will then be able to see each other, talk to each other and interact online.  These sessions will not be recorded so it is important that the children arrive on time.


Expectations for pupils:

  • I understand that the online platform is an extension of the classroom and I will behave as I would in school.
  • I will take part in my online session in an area that is safe, quiet and free from distractions, preferably not a bedroom.
  • I will be on time for my online session.
  • I will make sure I have all the resources I need for the online session.
  • I will be dressed appropriately for my online session.
  • I will blur my background throughout the session.
  • At the start of the session, I will mute my microphone and turn my camera off.
  • I will use the ‘raise hand’ feature to show that I want to speak.
  • I will only unmute and turn my camera on when my teacher tells me to.
  • When contributing to the chat my comments will be relevant, kind and respectful because they can be seen by all the people in the session.
  • I will remain focused during sessions.
  • I will interact patiently and respectfully with my teachers and peers.
  • I will not record or take any photos/screenshots during the online session.
  • I will not use any of the ‘tools’ unless I am asked to by the teacher.
  • I will leave the session when my teacher tells me to.
  • When I am posting photos of my learning, I will always check with my parent/carer before uploading a photo, and I will try to make sure my photo is of the learning and does not include anyone in my house.


Parental Consent

Children will only be able to join in with the online live sessions if we have received consent from their parents/carers.  If you would like your child to be involved in any of the live lessons, you will need to complete a permission form.  The form contains a short list of things you can do to support your child with connecting to the live lessons.  We will use this form as proof that you have given permission for your child to be involved.  Children whose parents/carers have not completed the form will be unable to join any live lessons.

The permission form has been emailed to all parents and is also available on our whole school Class Dojo page: