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Our Vision

  • Family
  • Growth
  • Potential


What our children think:


'Learning is fun at our school.’

'I like my teacher.'

'I like my classroom.'

'Everyone is kind at our school.'

‘Whenever I get stuck, my friends and teachers help me.

'Whenever people feel they can’t, we help each other know we can.'

‘Everyone supports each other when we are down.’

'Children are friendly.'

What our staff think:


‘Everybody at our school feels like they belong and everyone is included.’

'The sky is the limit at Forest Glade.'

'We help everyone realise their potential and give them the confidence to reach it.’

‘We want the best for every child.’

'Every child can.'

‘We grow future world changers.’

‘Every child has the potential to grow as a learner.’

‘All children and staff want to be better. Change is positive.’

‘We give children the tools to achieve.’

‘We are part of something bigger: The Flying High family.’

'We support each other.'

'Our staff believe in us.'