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Our Year in Pictures

Autumn Term - Where Do I Belong?


Throughout the Autumn term our enquiry question is, "Where do I belong?" Here are photographs of our learning throughout the term.


This week in nursery we have thought about the rules and routines of nursery. Look at us in the nursery environment.

We have discussed what we look like and how we are all different. We have even learnt the sticky knowledge: I am 3 years old. I will be 4 next.

Sticky Knowledge: I am 3 years old. I will be 4 next.

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As part of our literacy work we read the story, "The Colour Monster". We discussed how the colour monster changes different colours with his mood yellow for happy, red for angry and blue for sad. We made our very own colour monsters and described how we were feeling.

Here is our learning from this week where we have been discussing our families. We have used the sticky knowledge card: I live with .... to talk about our families.


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This week we have learnt a lot about how we grow and how every year we get older. We have made love umbrellas putting the people we love in the hearts and also discussed how we grow from a baby to an adult.

Love Umbrella

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We had a visit from Reverend Julie to talk to us about Harvest. We had stories, songs and prayers 🌾🌽

To answer the question: Where do I belong? we discussed that we all belong in a house. We drew who we live with in our house and thought about the rooms that we might have in our house.

Sticky knowledge - rooms in my house

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We discussed how we live in Sutton-In-Ashfield. This is where we belong!Sutton-In-Ashfield has many things to do! We discussed which was our favourite and wrote posters for our authentic outcome.

Sutton in Ashfield.mp4

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Councillor Samantha Deakin came in to talk to Nursery about Sutton-In-Ashfield and how they are improving the surrounding area. She told us that they were making improvements at Kingsmill Reservoir, making a puffin crossing outside of nursery and taking away the sundial in the middle of Sutton and replacing it with planters.

For enrichment this week we have made a poppy wreath for Receptionto take down to the cenotaph.

As part of anti-bullying week we discussed kindness and being kind in Nursery. The children also discussed how others are feeling and we can look after each other. We all wore Odd Socks to promote kindness.

This week in Literacy we have sequenced and re-told the story of the, Three Little Pigs. Come and take a look:

For enrichment we made clay pigs - come and have a look!

We have had a great day today dressing up to support Children in Need. We iced biscuits and though about how others were feeling.

In design and technology we have planned, drawn and made houses fir Builder Paul using construction come and take a look!

We have been discussing how we belong in England (Sutton-In-Ashfield) and how it is different to another country (Canada). We have packed a suitcase for Canada and sorted Canadian and English objects.

Canada sticky knowledge

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Canada sticky knowlege

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Canada sticky knowledge

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