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Our Year in Pictures

Autumn Term

Spring Term

World Book Day

We had so much fun dressing up as a book character for World Book Day. All of the costumes were fantastic!


Our DT project for the spring term is to design a vehicle of the future. Children have considered how their vehicle will travel, what will fuel it and how many passengers it will hold. They have also created their design using junk modelling materials and covered it in paper mache to strengthen it.

Summer Term

We had a fantastic "express yourself" day to launch our new enquiry question "How do we express ourselves?". We also expressed ourselves in art by painting some flowers for our wonderful Frida Kahlo door display.

We wanted to show empathy and understanding towards Frida Kahlo so we lay on our backs and drew pictures on paper underneath the tables. We began to experience what it must have been like to spend 3 months in bed and having to paint lying down. We felt impatient as well as frustrated at how slow the process was and we are sure Frida felt the same.