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Our Year in Pictures

During the first few weeks of term, we learned all about place value and numbers up to 1,000. We used Base 10 to help us partition numbers and understand the terms greater than and less than.

In R.E with Mrs Edwards, we learned how Mary is seen in stained glass art and used this to help us understand how Christians see Mary today. We described how Christians see Mary using words like caring, holy and humble and used these ideas to create our own stained glass designs. We hope you like them!

Here we are on our last day of term celebrating Christmas. We all had hot chocolate in the hall where we listened and danced to Christmas songs.

Here are some of our charity boxes that we decided to make and send to St. Mary's Food Bank. We made these to help us answer our question, 'How can one event change your life?' because we considered the effects of the cost of living crisis as it is changing people's lives.

In Science, we are answering the question, 'Do people with longer legs jump further?'. Here are Y3 gathering and recording their data ready to help them writing a scientific conclusion.

Making a Stone Age stew

We had to follow a healthy recipe to make a stew as part of our Design and Technology learning. Once it had cooked, we ate what we had made and found out that stew can be tasty. It has inspired a few of our children to make it with family members at home. Well done, Year 3!

Cave Painting

We learned about how to use a paint brush properly to create different painting techniques. We used this learning to recreate cave paintings from the Cave of Hands.