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School Closure

Closure Communication
We are very conscious of the impact of school closures on local businesses, on childcare difficulties and your own ability to work. With that in mind, we always aim to open and it is rare, even in extremes for Forest Glade to close. 
As such, it is important that parents always assume we are open unless we say otherwise. Absences because it is snowing are not authorised. 
Occasionally, we might make adaptions to the beginning and end of the day in order to make things easier for you to travel to and from school. For example, we might open early and extend registration, or allow early pickups to ease congestion when collecting from our site. We might also relax uniform rules to allow walking boots, big woolly jumpers, etc. so that the children can walk safely and in comfort. 
We will always put messages like these on class Dojo. 
Whilst it is rare, there are occasions when we may need to close. A member of staff inspects the site every morning before 6:30am if there is a risk of closure. 
There are two main reasons why we might close: 
• Not enough staff can get into school to provide adequate supervision of the pupils (we have teachers who live far from school). 
• The site and surrounding roads are so dangerous that it is not safe for cars and large numbers of children to be in that area. 
If there is a risk of closure, we will put a message on Dojo before 7:30 to let you know that we are closed. If we don’t message, we are open. 
The school will never close during the day. We might text and tell you that you can pick your children up early but if you can’t get here, that’s absolutely fine – no child will be left unsupervised! We have enough staff who live close by to ensure children can stay on site for the full day. 
Once children are on site, and in our care, we will take responsibility for their safety and wellbeing right up until the point where we hand them back over to you. Getting the children safely to and from school is the responsibility of parents and carers. The site manager and cleaning staff work hard each day to ensure walkways and routes around the school are safe. We are not permitted to grit the paths outside the school grounds; these are the responsibility of District Council who own the land outside of the school premises. 
As the majority of our communications with you will be through Class Dojo, It is crucial that we have your contact details up to date.