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Roles and Responsibilities Within School

The children at Forest Glade have many roles and responsibilities. Some of these roles are within their own class and others may affect the whole school.


Playground Peacemakers

Many Year 5 and Year 6 children act as playground peacemakers.  They support other children at break times and are especially helpful for the younger children. They have a calm approach and stop problems occurring at dinner time.  Our peacemakers wear bright red hoodies and are easy to spot!


Classroom Responsibilities

Within each class there are many other responsibilities and jobs for the children.  Children who are chosen for a particular duty are expected to carry it out sensibly and reliably.  Most of our children love being given extra responsibilities!


Lead Learners

Lead learners are used in some lessons across the school.  These are children who have already learned a skill or another learning objective who can help to teach it to others.  This is a brilliant way for the children to demonstrate what they have learned, practise their new skills and develop their public speaking.  At no point do lead learners do this instead of their own learning; being a lead learner helps them further reinforce their own understanding while helping others.


Other Responsibilities

Many children are specially chosen to monitor the tidiness and quietness of our corridors.  They also hold the doors open for children and adults and count how many "thank you"s they get.  At Forest Glade, we count "thank you"s because "thank you"s count!  Wherever possible, we encourage children to take on extra responsibilities.  For example, the weekly house point totals on the website are monitored and recorded by the children.  They also take responsibility for keeping track of reading awards, class 'stars' and other rewards.