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This terms enquiry is a History theme. Throughout our enquiry sessions this term we are going to be answering the question, "What makes a hero?” Each week will we be building up our knowledge to answer our main question.

This term we will be looking at:


Week 1 – We will be learning what makes a hero and will be making our own superhero masks.

Week 2 – In Literacy we will be looking at the superhero ‘Supertato’ and will be using expression when retelling the story.


Week 3 – We will be sequencing the story of Supertato and designing our own superhero cape.


Week 4 – In DT we will be making and evaluating our superhero capes.




Week 5 – We will be having a go at writing about Supertato and learning how to stay safe online.

Week 6 – In History we will be looking at how stories tell us about the past and will be looking at the work of Florence Nightingale. We will also have a visit from a nurse.


Week 7 – We will be having a visit from a real-life hero (police) and will be learning about road safety and strangers.

Week 8 – We will be having a visit from a real-life hero (fire) and will be learning about electricity.


Week 9 – In Science we will be looking at the difference between day and night. We will also write thank you letters to real life heroes.

Week 10 – In RE we will be looking at people and places that are special to us.

Week 11 – In RE we will be looking at stories that are special to us and will be learning the Easter story.


We will also be taking part in our weekly enrichment activities alongside Reception and will be visiting Sutton Library again to develop our love of books

Sticky Knowledge Spring 2023

Every Wednesday we have an enrichment day with Reception. Throughout the children's time within EYFS we aim to provide them with as many enrichment opportunities as possible. We hold weekly activities such as  cooking, arts and crafts, outdoor learning and library visits. Throughout the year we hope to add much more to our curriculum, ensuring children get a breadth of experiences. These enrichment opportunities may change and are dependent upon the children's interests.  

Spring Enrichment Timetable



During this term we will using lots of good quality texts to help us with our Literacy lessons. 


We will be using 'Supertato' to help us sequence a story and re-tell a story.

We will be using 'Real Superheroes' to help us with a recount. We will be discussing and talking about what happens when the police, fire and doctor / nurse come to visit us!

We will also write letters to our key workers.

Supertato - Bedtime Story Read Aloud - Books for Children! - (Sue Hendra & Paul Linnet)




Children in Nursery will be recognising and naming digits (1-5)  and applying the cardinal principle to groups of objects to 5. They will have an awareness of mathematical symbols and solve real-life maths problems with numbers up to 5.


Numerical Pattern:

Children in Nursery will accurately count items to 5 with one-to-one correspondence and verbally count to 10 aloud, with not all teen numbers in sequence. They will copy and continue a pattern e.g. ABAB and know that groups can be created both equally and unequally, recognising and identifying this with increased reasoning.  


Shape, Space and Measure:

Children in Nursey will discuss the features of a familiar route and represent these using detailed marks. They will identify 2D shapes circle, square, rectangle and triangle and start seeing shapes within shapes e.g the triangle and square in a house. Children will be able to discuss events with an adult using the terminology today, yesterday and tomorrow and are able to begin comparing elements of measure.


Children will study each of these topics through group led sessions as well as within their play, discovering and having hands on experiences within the provision. 



This term we will learn some new sounds / codes. We will look at letter formation, writing and reading words with the following sounds:












Spring Curriculum Map - Nursery