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Should we always share? 

For our enquiry focus this term, we are uncovering the Anglo-Saxons and Vikings. Our enquiry question links to the idea of the Anglo-Saxons invading countries, such as Britain and having to share amongst themselves and the Vikings to live peacefully. We are going to uncover how the Anglo-Saxons came to Britain and the impact they have caused on our lives today. 

Whilst uncovering the Anglo-Saxons, later down the line the Vikings made an appearance! We are going to identify how the Vikings came to Britain and how they decided to live alongside the Anglo-Saxons. This will support our learning to answer our question, 'Should we always share?'.


Not only will we be looking at history this term, but we will also be looking at DT, art, science and music to enhance our learning further. In art, we are going to replicate our own Viking long ships by developing our skills of carving and forming using clay. This also supports our learning in science as we are looking at forces through air and water. In DT, we are going to create pulley systems which can be used to hoist our sails on our ships. In music, we are going to replicate and respond to Viking chants as well as exploring the purpose of staff notation and beats in music.