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Spring Enquiry

Have we forgotten how to play?


In Year 1 we will answer the enquiry question: Have we forgotten how to play?


This term is Enquiry we are learning about how people played in the past. We will be learning about the toys that children played with in the past, and how they compare to the toys that we play with now.


The children will also learn about the Victorian era. They will experience what school was like in a Victorian school, the games that children used to play, what they would learn and how it compares to schools now. 



Knowledge Organiser

We shared our favourite toys from the present with each other. We talked about why these are our favourite toys and when we like the play with them.

The children explored toys from the past and talked about how they are different to the toys we play with in the present.

We learnt that in the Victorian era children used to make their own toys such as peg dolls. We learnt that a century is 100 years and that the Victorian era was almost 2 centuries ago.