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Phonics at Forest Glade

This year we have introduced a new Phonics programme across school to ensure a smooth phonics journey for our children. We are really excited by the changes we have made and the impact it is having on the children within school already.



The children develop the pre-phonic skills that will give them a solid foundation for learning to read and spell. This includes the skills of Sound Discrimination; Body Percussion; Alliteration; Rhyme and Rhythm; Voice Sounds and Oral Segmenting and Blending. Throughout the year the children also explore a Sound of the Week. This is reinforced through the use of Teeny Reading Seed resources which feeds into the Systematic Synthetic Phonics programme (SSP) the children start with in Reception.


Reception and KS1

We use No Nonsense Phonics Skills as our SSP in Reception and Key Stage 1 to ensure consistency and a high-level of challenge in our children’s phonics journey. The children progress from mastering simple to more complex alphabetic code, which the children apply at both word and text level. The programme itself contains matched decodable texts which the children use for both reading and spelling practise,  but we also send home Big Cat Phonics decodable books to consolidate the phonics that has been previously taught.



In order to build on the solid start children have had in Reception and KS1, we use Phonics International as a spelling scheme in KS2. Children are taught to understand the links between reading and spelling, and continue working through complex alphabetic code and spelling alternatives while being exposed to high-quality and language rich materials.


At Forest Glade we are passionate that all children should be given the skills to read fluently and confidently, and by implementing a consistent approach to the teaching of Phonics and Early Reading we are giving them the best possible start on their reading journey.